Edit, delete and move materials

What can you do?

If you need to change the title or any details of your learning materials, you can edit them in Blackboard. You can also move content up and down the screen, into a different area of the course or into a different course site altogether.

Blackboard also has options that allow you to delete content. Be very careful when deleting as if you delete an item from the Course Menu it deletes the corresponding page of content. Similarly, if you delete a folder it deletes everything within that folder.


You can edit, delete, move or copy a single item or folder by moving your mouse over it and clicking on the arrow that appears:
Edit, delete, copy, move

For more information, see Blackboard's Edit and Manage Content help page.

You can delete everything in an area of your course, for example a whole page of content, by choosing Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Bulk Delete. This option also allows you to remove all students from a Blackboard course. Before doing this, you may want to archive your course so you have a safe copy.

If you need to copy a whole page of content from one Blackboard course to another, choose Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy. For more information, see Blackboard's Copy Courses help page.

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