Default view

What is the default view?

When you request a new Blackboard course site from IT Services, it will be formatted using the default view (unless it is a copy of an existing course site). This default view specifies the options in the left-hand menu and provides some example content and layouts for the content areas. The Ideas and Reusable Layouts section includes ideas and guidelines for effective use of Blackboard and some templates for different layouts to help make your courses more attractive.

The aim of the default view is to make Blackboard courses more consistent, so that students can use them more effectively. Where possible, you should leave the left-hand menu options above the line unchanged (Home, Learning Materials, Reading List, Assessment, Contact my Tutors) and add any other links you need below the line. However there will be times when you need to change the menu, for example courses not used for student teaching or where you have a good pedagogical reason for the change.

What goes where?

  • Home: basic information about the module, including a link to the module handbook, goes in the page banner. Other information, including course announcements and the Library search box, are provided by Blackboard 'modules'. How to customise the Home page
  • Learning Materials: you should use this section for intended learning outcomes, lecture notes and recordings, useful links, and other teaching materials and activities. You will usually structure this area using a folder per week or per topic, as shown in the examplar courses.
  • Reading List: this will show the reading list for the module using the Library's readinglists@Leicester system
  • Assessment: information about how the module will be assessed and assessment submission points.
  • Contact my Tutors: contact information for the tutors on the module. How to customise staff contact details

Help and advice

For technical problems or to request a new Blackboard course site, contact the IT Service Desk.

If you would like advice on using Blackboard effectively in your teaching, contact the Leicester Learning Institute by emailing

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