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The template for new Blackboard course sites was developed following consultation with staff and students. The aim of this template is to make Blackboard courses more consistent, so that students can use them more effectively. Where possible, you should leave the options in the left-hand menu unchanged (About this module, Learning Materials, Readings and Sources, Assessment and Feedback, Module Contacts, Discussions, and 'Reflect' Recordings).

What goes where?

  • About this module: the page banner contains information about the module, including the aims and objectives and key contact. It also includes a link to the timetable in MyStudentRecord. Other information, including the module specification, course announcements and the Library search box, is provided by standard Blackboard 'modules'.
  • Learning Materials: this is where the main learning and teaching activity for this module's Blackboard site takes place. This could include materials from teaching sessions, other learning resources and online activities. You will usually structure this area using a folder per week or per topic, as shown in the examplar courses below.
  • Readings and Sources: may include a link to your module's reading list and information on how to find relevant resources in the Library.
  • Assessment and Feedback: information about how the module is assessed, including what is expected, due dates, marking criteria outlining how the work will be assessed, and how much the assessment contributes to the overall module mark. It also contains the submission points for the assessed work and an indication of how feedback will be provided.
  • Module Contacts: contact information for academics teaching on the module and key administrative contacts.
  • Discussions: the tools that are being used to facilitate collaboration on this module.
  • 'Reflect' Recordings: recordings from the Reflect lecture capture system.

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