Control access to materials

Why is this useful?

Blackboard enables you to create content that is hidden from students. It may be visible only between certain dates, or only to specified groups of students. There are more advanced options that allow you to hide materials until students have completed an assessment, or marked a section of the course as complete.

This can be useful in a number of situations, for example:

  • You can set up materials at a time convenient to you, but only make them visible to students when it's appropriate to do so.
  • To make navigation of your course site easier for students by only showing them materials relevant to them.
  • To ensure materials are made available in the correct sequence, for example students must complete an assessment before they can see the next activity.

How to control access

You can control access to various sections of your Blackboard course site:

  • Make the entire course available or unavailable: choose Control Panel > Customisation > Properties and scroll down to the Set Availability section.
  • Show or hide a link in the Course Menu
    Hide course menu link
  • Set whether or not students can see materials in content areas, or whether they can only see them between certain dates. You will see these options when creating or editing folders and items
    Standard options

    You can also set up more complex rules using Adaptive Release to limit access to certain groups of students, or to students who have participated in certain assessments. To see these options, move your mouse over the folder or item and click the arrow that appears to open the menu.
    Adaptive release options

    For more information see Blackboard's Release Content help page.

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