Audio and video recording and editing

You can request audio and video recording, copying and editing.

Audio recording and editing

Audio recording can be edited to improve quality or remove unwanted content. Recordings can be converted from outdated formats such as cassette tape, CD to digital MP3 or WAV format. Licenced recordings can be copied from one CD to many.

Audio content should be used for teaching only. You must obtain full permission to use any audio material created by a third party.

If you would like help or advice with audio recording, copying and editing, contact the IT Service Desk.

Lecture and event filming

Lecture Capture - Reflect is the University’s lecture capture system. It allows you to record a teaching session, and make the recording available for students to view online, usually through Blackboard.

You can also request filming of University events and lectures for teaching purposes and in some cases other events. Contact the IT Service Desk as far in advance of the event as possible to make your booking.

If the filming is for marketing purposes or to be shown outside the University, contact Creative Services.

Video editing

Video that is self-recorded or acquired with appropriate copyright, can be edited for use as teaching materials. Raw footage can be edited and graphics added to produce a video as a DVD, a file suitable for online playback or directly on a computer.

If the video is for marketing purposes or to be shown outside the University, contact  Creative Services.

Recorded programmes

Off-air TV recording

If you need to use recorded programmes for your teaching, Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is the best option. It provides comprehensive access to 1000s of free-to-air broadcast programmes. You can find more information about Box of Broadcasts, including how to login, on the Library website.

However, you may find that some programmes on regional channels or regional news are unavailable from Box of Broadcasts. These TV and radio programmes can be recorded (subject to copyright) to DVD. Television programmes broadcast on UK television from Freeview or Sky, radio programmes from BBC iPlayer or commercial equivalent can be recorded.

Programmes broadcast in HD, on non-Sky subscription channels, pay-per view channels or outside the UK cannot be recorded.

Radio programmes

Radio programmes can be recorded in MP3 or WAV format and supplied using FileDrop.

Request a video recording

Recorded programmes must only be used for teaching and adhere to the Educational Recording Agency (ERA) licence agreement.

To request television or radio recording contact the IT Service Desk as soon as possible (min. 24hrs notice) before the broadcast

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