How do I view thumbnails of pictures?

On a Windows 7 University PC you are unable to see thumbnails of images on network drives such as the Shared Departmental X: drive and your Personal Z: drive.

When you view pictures on a network drive using Windows Explorer you won’t see the thumbnail previews. This is due to a problem which Microsoft has acknowledged is a known issue and can't be fixed.

As a workaround you can either:

View Thumbnails in IrfanView

  1. Download and install IrfanView from the Program Installer.
  2. Open IrfanView Thumbnails.
    IrfanView thumbnails
  3. Browse to the folder that contains the images you want to view thumbnails for in the left hand navigation pane.
    Alternatively, go to Options > Search Files. Copy the file path of the folder you want to browse in Search in (folder) and select Show in Thumbnails.
    Search for a folder
  4. Your thumbnails will display. Recently visited folders will be saved and you can view them again from the pane at the top of the screen.
    View thumbnails
  5. You can also drag and drop images from IrfanView Thumbnails into a document you are working on (for example, Word or PowerPoint).

If you want to change the way your thumbnails display, go to Options > Set thumbnail options. You can change the size of your thumbnails under Thumbnail size.

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