How do I control when updates are installed?

When updates are made available to your computer a notification bubble will appear in the notification area (next to the time) to inform you that your computer requires updates and the exact day/time they will be installed.

Software Update Installation

This notification is for information only and it is not essential for you do anything. However, if you feel that the installation of the updates at the deadline specified will in some way inconvenience you, you do have the option to install them prior to this at a more convenient time. You should not find your computer runs more slowly whilst these updates run.

Install updates manually

You can install updates manually using these instructions:

  1. Double click on the message
Software Update Installation
  1. At this point you have a choice.

Keep Your Computer Up To Date

If you select:

  • Express (Recommended) and click Install any update that required will be installed.
  • Custom you will be presented with a list of updates that are available.  Select the updates that you wish install and click Install:

Choose Updates And Install

The box that appears should look like this.  It might say “preparing to download” in the status Column. Wait for this to finish.

Software Updates Installing

Once the updates have installed you should see the following:

Software Updates Installed Successfully

If it is necessary to restart a button will appear giving the option to Restart Now. If it is not convenient to restart you at this time you can choose Close. At which point an icon will appear in the notification area showing that a restart is necessary.

Restart Required

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