Work with files and programs

When connected to the University Remote Access (VPN) you can access your University files and install some programs

You can open files on the Shared Departmental X: drive and R: drive from within a program, work on them and save as you would on campus. You can also use Windows Explorer to navigate, open, move, copy and delete a small number of files.

Personal Z: drive

Documents on your Personal Z: drive will continue to be stored on your laptop. You can synchronise them manually. If you have been connected to University Remote Access (VPN) for about an hour your files will by synchronised back to the University network automatically and will continue to be synchronised about once every hour.

Synchronise files manually

To manually synchronise your personal Z: drive files:

  1. Ensure you are connected to University Remote Access (VPN)
  2. Click the Show hidden icons button in the Notification Area
  3. Right click on the Sync Centre > choose Synchronise All
    Synchronise All

Shared Departmental X: drive

Shared Departmental X: drive documents are not synchronised; you access these directly through Windows Explorer or the program you are using. Changes will be stored when you save your document.

Connection speed and saving files

When you are connected to University Remote Access (VPN) you may notice a short delay when opening and saving documents because they are connecting across the internet. This will be dependent on the speed of your internet connection. The University network and internet connection is much faster than you will find off-campus.

You may choose to disconnect from the VPN if you are working on large documents and notice documents saving too slowly. Just connect back to the VPN and synchronise files manually before you finish working.


It is best to install the programs you need before you leave campus, this will be faster than installing them off-campus.

You will be able to use the Program Installer when using University Remote Access (VPN) to install programs that Install on this PC. Programs that Install on my IT Account need to be installed and run on campus before they can be used off-campus.

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