Where you can use the VPN

On campus you should dock your laptop or use University wifi, you don’t need to use the VPN.

Off campus

You should be able to use:

  • any private internet connection with University Remote Access (VPN)
  • any connection provided by a hotel, café with University Remote Access (VPN)

At another university

  • You should be able to use eduroam with University Remote Access (VPN)

Connection problems

Some internet connections will be protected by a Firewall; it is possible that access to the VPN will be blocked. If you are unable to connect, contact the internet service provider with the following technical information:

Technical information

Devices must be able to connect to the following IP address range and domain:

  • mlvpn.le.ac.uk

The ports and protocols that should be available are:

  • IP protocol 50 (ESP)
  • IP protocol 51 (AH)
  • UDP port 500 (isakmp)
  • UDP port 4500 (IPsec NAT-T)

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