University Remote Access (VPN)

You can work more effectively on your University Staff Laptop off-campus when you connect using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

The University Remote Access (VPN) extends the University network and its security settings to your laptop, so you can access sensitive data in programs such as SAP and SITS or gain direct access to the Shared Departmental X: drive while you are off-campus.

If you install and use University Remote Access (VPN) you can work seamlessly with your laptop as if you were on campus.

The VPN allows you to:

  • Open and work on documents directly from the Shared Departmental X: drive or Research R: drive
  • Connect to secure programs such SAP and SITS
  • Use programs that connect to a licence server such as SPSS, ArcGIS, Eviews and Mathematica
  • Synchronise your personal Z: drive documents

You need to connect to the University network at least every 90 days to renew your Microsoft licence and keep your laptop working. If you use additional programs installed using the Program Installer, you need to connect every 30 days to renew the program licence.

How to use the VPN

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