Laptop security locks

We recommend that you protect your laptop from theft with a laptop security lock.

At night, or when leaving the office or meeting room that isn’t secure you should:

  • Lock your laptop using a laptop lock
  • Lock your laptop away in a drawer

University recommended laptop locks

The following 2 types of laptop locks are available:

Keyed laptop lockKeyed laptop lock

The Kensington ClickSafe is an easy to use security cable lock

  • The lock can attach to your laptop in just one click (no need to insert a key)
  • The ClickSafe is a cable with a tamper-proof disc-style lock

Alarmed laptop lock

Alarmed laptop lock

The Targus Defcon 1 is a versatile battery powered anti-theft alarm system. The lock combines a security cable, resettable four-digit combination lock providing up to 10,000 unique combinations

  • The lock slot adapter fits into the security slot of your laptop
  • Your laptop is secured with a retractable steel cable that can be fixed around an object such as a desk and back to the Targus Defcon 1
  • The Targus Defcon 1 has a 105 dB alarm and a motion sensor with adjustable sensitivity

Order a laptop lock

Contact the IT Service Desk to order a laptop security lock.

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