All University staff laptops are protected using BitLocker Technology. BitLocker is a disk encryption technology which protects the disk from being read if it is stolen.

How BitLocker works

When powering on a laptop protected by BitLocker you will be prompted to enter your PIN. The PIN is set on every laptop, so any valid users of the laptop must have access to the PIN.

Once the pin has been entered the data on the laptop is no longer protected by BitLocker. When leaving or transporting a laptop it should either be hibernated or powered off as this ensures the PIN must be entered again to regain access.

Standby Mode

Laptops will be able to hibernate but standby mode is disabled. This is because a laptop on standby does not require entry of the PIN. Allowing the laptop to enter standby represents a security risk.

Set your PIN

When a University staff laptop is issued you must set your PIN. This PIN will be required whenever the laptop is powered on. The PIN is always entered using the numeric keys on the Laptop keyboard. The function keys are the same on all keyboards, regardless of layout or language.

Your PIN should never be stored with the laptop computer.

Will Bitlocker effect performance of my laptop?

The performance implication of encrypting your laptop system disk with BitLocker technology is minimal. Microsoft suggests that the overhead is around 3-5% on a modern laptop.

Change your PIN

You can change your PIN at any time.

1. Choose Start > Control Panel
2. In the Search box in the top right corner type Bitlocker
3. Choose BitLocker Drive Encryption from the list
4. Choose Manage BitLocker

Choose Manage BitLocker 1





5. From the Help protect your files and folders by encrypting your drives page choose Manage BitLocker

Choose Manage BitLocker 2








6. A window will pop up called Confirm Elevation: you are about to run a program with elevated rights. Are you sure you wish to proceed?

If you can’t see the window press Ctrl + Alt + Del then cancel.

7. Enter a reason e.g. change PIN
8. Check that your username is showing e.g. UOL\ea179 then enter your University IT account password
9. Click Yes

If your username isn’t showing and instead ‘Administrator’ is shown contact the IT Service Desk.

10.Within the BitLocker Drive Encryption (C) box select Reset the PIN

Reset your PIN






11. Enter your new PIN (between seven and 20 digits)
12. Enter your new PIN a second time to Confirm PIN
13. Click Set PIN

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN the data on the laptop can be recovered. Authorised members of IT Services staff have access to a recovery key which can be used to decrypt the disk. Contact the IT Service Desk in the event you have forgotten you PIN, you may need to bring your laptop to the End User Support team.

Remove BitLocker protection

You cannot remove BitLocker protection from your University staff laptop. In the event that your laptop must be decrypted contact the IT Service Desk. Once decrypted your laptop must be returned to a safe and secure location. It must not be taken off site.

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