These guides will help you to familiarise yourself with the key features of your laptop and docking station. The guides will help you to find out how to work effectively on and off-campus.

Your University staff laptop has been designed to replace your desktop PC. However there are a few differences that you should know, particularly if you are using it away from the University.

Laptop guide

Download the laptop guide to get started with using your University staff laptop

The laptop guide provides information on:

  • How to enter your PIN
  • Security
  • Programs
  • Symbols buttons and lights
  • Work on campus and off-campus

Roaming guide

Download the roaming guide to help you when you're roaming with your University staff laptop

This guide provides information on:

  • Undock and dock
  • Roam between different locations
  • Roam around your building

Docking station guides

These guides provide information specific to your type of laptop and docking station.

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