Microsoft Word

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Word is a word processing program for producing documents.

More information

Microsoft Word is used for word processing. You can read, create, change, save and print documents. Word includes features which will help you to create professional looking documents.

  • Text features include spell checking and searching
  • Formatting features are used to change the way text, paragraphs and pages look
  • Tables help you to lay out information making it more readable and better for comparisons
  • Graphics features let you insert and manipulate images and charts
  • Mail merge features can be used to produce personally addressed letters or emails to a list of people
  • Referencing tools help you to produce long documents, create an automatic table of contents and automatically numbered captions
  • Track changes allow you and others to make marked changes and comments on documents. Then you can view changes made by other people and decide which to accept and reject


  • Pre-installed on University PCs
  • Available for home use. Check the terms and conditions before you purchase

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License Details

Version: 2013

Version (Windows 10): 2016

Supplier: Microsoft Corporation

Licence: University licence

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