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Textease Studio CT is a suite of educational programs.

More Information

Textease is a toolset created to simplify the process of embedding IT in a curriculum which features 9 main tools:

  • Publisher CT - For all your writing and publishing needs
  • Draw CT - A revolutionary vector drawing tool
  • Spreadsheet CT - The perfect introduction to simple spreadsheets
  • Movies CT - Produce exciting movies in minutes
  • Database CT - A truly easy to use, multi-user database
  • Paint CT - A vibrant, creative painting tool
  • Presenter CT - Create top-notch presentations to be proud of
  • Turtle CT - Flexible, progressive on-screen turtle graphics
  • Branch CT - A imaginative way to sort and classify


  • Install using the Software Center for University PCs running Windows 10.

Help and Training

Licence Details

Version (Windows 10): 6

Supplier: RM Education

Licence: University licence


Available for student University PCs only

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