TurningPoint Introduction

What is TurningPoint?


TurningPoint is an Electronic Voting System for use within PowerPoint. You can insert questions into a PowerPoint slide and your audience respond using a small handset and a USB wireless receiver. At a basic level this could be a Yes/No answer, or a question with a number of options for the class to vote on. The responses are displayed as a percentage against each answer. You can use this to gauge an audience's opinion or quickly assess your students' understanding in a lecture.

What do I need?

  • A University PC or laptop with PowerPoint and TurningPoint installed
  • The TurningPoint handsets and receivers

You can request wireless handsets and receivers from Teaching Room Support. The School of Biological Sciences also has handsets for loan.

Download TurningPoint

You can install TurningPoint on your University PC using the Program Installer:

  1. Start > All Programs > Program Installer
  2. Choose TurningPoint 5.3.1 from the list of programs

  3. Click Install

It can also be downloaded free from the TurningPoint website for use on home computers.

Get started

You will need to devise one or more questions. For this example, the question is "Which river runs through Newhaven in Sussex?" The answer is the Ouse. Have some incorrect answers ready, for example Trent, Thames, Nile.

  1. Ensure that TurningPoint is installed
  2. On a University PC go to Start > All Programs > TurningPoint 5.3.1 > TurningPoint to start the TurningPoint Dashboard
  3. Click PowerPoint Polling on the Polling tab
    PowerPoint Polling
  4. This will start PowerPoint and show the TurningPoint tab
  5. Make a new presentation or open an existing presentation with an appropriate template
  6. On the TurningPoint tab, click New and choose the question type, for example Multiple Choice
    New slide
  7. Type your question where it says Enter Question Text
  8. enter question

  9. Enter your answers
  10. Choose which answers are correct or incorrect using the Scoring Options on the Slide Preferences window
    Slide preferences
  11. You can choose to use a Correct Answer Indicator to show the audience which answers are correct. If you want to do this, choose Objects > Correct Answer Indicator then choose which indicator to display, for example Smiley
  12. Repeat this until you have added all your questions
  13. Save and close your presentation

How do I hold a vote?

  1. Make sure the TurningPoint USB receiver is plugged into the PC
  2. Choose Start > All Programs > TurningPoint 5.3.1 > TurningPoint and click on PowerPoint Polling
  3. Run your presentation in Slide Show mode. When you get to a question slide, polling will open automatically. You can see the number of responses received so far in the bar on the top right

    Polling open
  4. When voting is finished, click to move to the next slide and the chart will appear with percentages against each response
  5. Click again, and the correct answer indicator will be displayed
    final slide
  6. To vote again you will need to reset the slide - on the TurningPoint tab click Reset > Selected Slide(s)


  • If you open PowerPoint directly, for example by double-clicking on a PowerPoint file, you will not be able to use any of the voting features of TurningPoint.  You must run TurningPoint first and choose the PowerPoint Polling option within TurningPoint:
    Start > All Programs > TurningPoint 5.3.1 > TurningPoint
  • Presentations prepared using TurningPoint 5.3.1 will not work on computers running TurningPoint 2008
  • Test your final presentation on the computer you will be using for your talk

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