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Stata is a sophisticated data analysis, data management and graphing program.

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Stata is a complete, integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics. Stata allows datasets with as many as 2,047 variables. The following features are available: data management, basic statistics, linear models, graphics, time series, test, predictions and effects, longitudinal data and more.

Researchers with large data sets or with a large number of variables should consider using the more capable version of Stata on ALICE HPC, particularly as this service is available off-campus.


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License Details

Version: 16
Supplier: Timberlake Consultants Limited
Licence: University Research has 20 licences. University Teaching has 70 licences.
Last updated: 11/09/2019


There are two versions available:

  • Teaching: This version must not be used for research as doing so breaches the University’s license agreement.
  • Research: This version must only be used for research as using it for teaching has significant cost implications for the University’s licensing of this software. The Research version of Stata is the same as teaching version but regular updates are applied.