Request a program or new software

If you require a program to support your work at the University you can follow these steps to access or request it.

Check whether the program is already available

You can check to see whether a program is already available or whether there is a suitable alternative:

  • Browse through the programs section. You can find a program by using the search, category, type, subject and the A-Z list
  • You can also check for Programs using the Software Center on a University PC

Restricted programs

While many programs are available to anyone at the University, some have restrictions as to who can use the program:

  • Authorised users – there may be a few or not enough licenses to cater for access by many staff/students. You should contact the IT Service Desk to request access or to discuss your requirement.
  • Department – This software is for use by a single department. If you would like to use this program, you should contact the IT Service Desk, we can discuss your requirement and make any suitable arrangements.
  • Role – Some programs are available for certain members of the University. For clarification contact the IT Service Desk.
  • Location – these programs can only be used on campus or in a specific building

Request new software

See the Software purchase and installation regulations

If you have been unable to find the program above, make your request via the Request new software form.


If the program is not currently available, your department may be asked to fund the purchase, based on a quotation provided by IT Services. The purchase will then only continue when the quotation has been approved and a cost code provided.

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