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Presenter is a plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint which allows you to convert PowerPoint slides into media presentations and eLearning content.

More information

Presenter allows you to add voice narrations or video to your presentations, and create self-running presentations that can be hosted online. You can even add interactive quizzes or surveys.


Install using the Program Installer for University PCs.

Help and Training

Known Issues

Publishing from Presenter 9 to Connect

There are some known issues if you are publishing from Presenter 9 to Adobe Connect:

Error when recording video

PowerPoint problems

If you have installed Presenter from the Program Installer it can cause PowerPoint to crash occasionally. If you have this problem, we recommend that you disable Presenter when you're not using it and enable it when you need to use it.

Replacing old versions when publishing to Connect

When publishing to Adobe Connect, if you choose the Publish Now option to replace an existing version you may find that the old version is not overwritten. The solution is to clear your browser history and browser cache.

License Details

Version: 9

Supplier: Adobe Systems Inc

License: 600 University licenses


Available for staff only on University PCs.

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