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Microsoft Outlook is used to manage your emails, calendar, contacts and tasks.

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If you are using a Staff or Student PC on campus you can use Microsoft Outlook 2013 to access your email. This is the most fully featured way to access your mailbox and the messages, appointments and other information stored there.

  • Email features allow you to send and receive emails, file and flag with reminders. You can create automatic replies and rules.
  • Calendar allows you to make appointments for yourself and also to check the availability of colleagues and invite them to meetings. You and your colleagues can open each other’s calendars to check availability. You can give access to selected colleagues to see all your standard appointments.
  • Contacts can be used to store the email address, phone numbers, company details and addresses of people you are in touch with. You can create groups of contacts to make emailing them or inviting them to appointments easier.
  • Tasks can be used to keep track of your To Do list and review what you’ve done. You can assign tasks to colleagues.


  • Pre-installed on staff University PCs
  • Available for home use. Check the terms and conditions before purchase

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License Details

Version: 2013

Version (Windows 10): 2016

Supplier: Microsoft Corporation

Licence: University licence

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