Table of Contents page numbers view incorrectly

In Word 2013 there is a problem affecting page numbers in a Table of Contents in Print Preview, but the Table of Contents will still print correctly.

Description of the problem

If you have used section breaks within your document to control the page numbers then view the document in Print Preview, the page numbers all show as 1 or 2 in the Table of Contents.

This may not occur until the second time you choose Print Preview. If you exit Print Preview without printing, the page numbers will show incorrectly within the document.

Table of Contents Error

Resolve the problem

  • If you choose Print, the Table of Contents will be refreshed and will print correctly. The document will show with the correct page numbers

If you have exited Print Preview without printing:

  • Right click on the Table of Contents and choose Update Field
    Update Table of Contents
  • The page numbers will show correctly until you next use Print Preview.

Problem workaround

If you need to see accurate page numbers in Print Preview:

  • Choose View > Outline

The document will change to Outline View and will look very different.

You can now use Print Preview to preview the document with the correct page numbers.

When you have finished:

  • Click the Print Layout button in the bottom right corner of your screen to change back to the usual Print Layout view.
    Print Layout View

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