Add images to the University PowerPoint templates

This information is for staff and students using the University templates

Several of the PowerPoint template layouts have been designed around images.

You can use your preferred images but you need to resize and crop them to fit the placeholder.

Open the blue, green, red or widescreen examples to see how the layouts should look.

Use good quality photographs and images. Small photos copied from the Internet won’t view well when resized and may have copyright considerations.

Image size

When you insert a new image slide, the size of the image is specified. Ideally you should download an image from the Image Library in the correct size or use Photoshop to resize an existing an image before you insert it.

The guide below also gives instructions on how to resize an image within PowerPoint.

   • Insert a new image slide
   • University Image Library sizes
   • Resize an image within PowerPoint
   • Image quality

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