Quick Steps

Quick steps enable you to act on an email by clicking a button. You'll find Quick Steps on the mail Home tab. It speeds up common tasks such as:

  • Moving an email to a folder
  • Forwarding an email to your manager (with optional standard text)
  • Sending an email to your team (with optional standard text)
  • Marking a task as Done

You can create new buttons for any actions or sequence of actions you regularly carry out on your emails. For example:

quick parts

  • To Manager and Team E-mail: click to add the email addresses when you first use the button
  • Move to folder: this will display the first folder in your folder list, right click to Edit and select a different folderOnce set up, all you need to do is click the

Quick Step button and press Send

If you click the Reply & Delete button you can close the email to cancel the reply, but the email will still be moved to the Deleted Items folder. Take care when using this button.

Use Quick Steps

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