Create a folder

Folders help you to organise your emails. You can create sub folders within folders. It is best practice to create folders below the Inbox.

  1. Click the Inbox
  2. Choose the Folder tab
  3. Click the New Folder button
  4. Name the folder
  5. Click OK

Move an email to a folder

You can either

  1. Click on an email or group of emails 
  2. Drag them to the appropriate folder 
  3. Let go of the mouse to ‘drop’ them in to that folder


  1. Choose the Home tab 
  2. Click the Move button > Other Folder...
  3. Browse to the appropriate folder
  4. Click OK
    Set up and use a Quick Step button for your most useful folders 

Navigate folders

  • To expand a folder click the white arrow next to the folder
  • To collapse an expanded folder click the black diagonal arrow next to the folder

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