10 tips for working smarter in Outlook

  1. If you constantly jump between email and calendar, set your Inbox and Calendar to appear as separate items on the Taskbar.
    Open calendar in a new window
  2. If you often move emails to a particular folder, forward to your manager or start a new email to your team, you can do all this at the click of a button with Quick Steps.
    Quick Steps
  3. Find emails quickly by keyword, sender, date, attachment included etc.
    Find messages and Outlook items (Microsoft help)
  4. Easily find large messages, unread mail etc. by setting up a Search folder
    Use Search Folders to Manage your Inbox  (Microsoft video 2.48 mins)
  5. If you’ve closed Outlook and need to send a message quickly, start a new message straight from the Start menu or Task Bar
    Create new items when Outlook is minimised or not running (Microsoft help)
  6. Add a visual flag and optional reminder to follow up an important message.
    Flag important messages (Microsoft help)
  7. Save a message and finish it later
    Save a draft message (Microsoft help)
  8. Mark your calendar appointments, emails and contacts with Categories. The colour and keyword will make them stand out and be searchable.
  9. If you regularly send emails or calendar invitations to a group of people, create a Contact Group to make it easier
    Create and edit a Contact Group (Microsoft help)
  10. When you first receive an email from someone you’re going to be emailing regularly, add them straight to your contacts
    Create a contact from an email (Microsoft help)

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