Set your work hours

Core work hours

If your working pattern is the same for every day that you work, you can set your work hours.  The default working hours are 08:00 - 17:00.

Within Outlook 2013:

1.    Click the File tab

2.    Choose Options

3.    From the left-hand menu choose Calendar

Working hours

4.    Select the start and end time for your core hours

5.    Deselect any days you do not work

6.    Click OK

Part-time work hours

If you work part-time and your patterns change, for example you don’t work Tuesday mornings or Wednesday afternoons, set your core working hours first, then add a recurring appointment for each exception.

Create a recurring appointment for part time hours

1.    Select a day and time

2.    Click the New Appointment button

3.    In the Subject type: Non working time

4.    Set the hours you are not working e.g. 14:00 - 17.00

5.    Change the free/busy setting to Out of Office

Non working appointment

6.    Click the Recurrence button

Recurrence button

7.   Check that the appointment recurs weekly, every 1 week

Appointment recurrence

8.    Click OK

9.    Click the Save and Close button

The appointment will show with the recurrence symbol in the bottom right corner

Change a recurring appointment

When you open a recurring appointment you will be prompted to choose whether to open Just this one or The entire series.

If you open the entire series and make a change, the change will apply to each recurrence of the appointment (past and future). Alternatively you can change the end date and then create a new recurring appointment.

To adjust the working hours or days:

1.    Click the Recurrence button

2.    Make the changes

3.    Click OK

4.    Click Save and Close


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