Calendar delegate access

If you have a PA you can give your PA delegate access to enable them to manage your calendar on your behalf.

Give another user delegate access:

1. Within Outlook, click on the File tab > Info

2. Click on the Account Settings button and choose Delegate Access from the menu

Delegate access

3. Click on the Add… button. This will display the Address Book

add button

4. Locate the person you want to give rights to, click Add > click OK

5. Your delegate will be given Editor access to your Calendar and Tasks.  Keep the Calendar access as Editor. You may want to set the Tasks access to None

Meeting invitations

Your delegate will automatically receive all meeting invitations and meeting responses sent to you and will be able to accept and decline them on your behalf.  If you do not want this to happen deselect Delegate receives copies of Meeting-related messages sent to me.

Delegate Permissions

Private items

Delegates cannot see any appointments marked as Private, unless you give the permission to do so. If you want a delegate to be able to view private appointments, check the box marked Delegate can see my private items in the Delegate Permissions window.

Delegate Private

6. Select Automatically send a message to delegate summarizing these permissions.

Delegate Message

7. Click OK

If you have choosen for your delegate to receive copies of Meeting-related messages you will see three options:

  • My Delegates only, but send a copy of meeting requests and responses to me (recommended)
    Choose this option if you want your delegate to handle all meeting requests on your behalf, but want to know when you've received invitations
  • My delegates only
    Choose this option if you if you want your delegate to handle all meeting requests and do not want to see any meeting requests yourself
  • My delegates and me
    Choose this option if you want to be able to respond to meeting requests personally. To avoid both you and your delegate responding to the same request, agree with your delegate when they should respond on your behalf (e.g. when you are on holiday).

Meeting Request

8. Choose your preferred option and click OK

Your delegate will now be able to open your calendar to read, create and modify your calendar appointments.


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