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NVivo is designed to assist in the analysis of qualitative data, enabling researchers to analyse items such as questionnaires, transcripts of interviews and focus groups.

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NVivo can also help analyse audio and video recordings as well as digitized pictures.

NVivo handles most data, including Word documents, PDFs, audio files, database tables, spreadsheets, videos and pictures. NVivo lets you work with information in any combination of languages. Query tools let you search for an exact word or words that are similar in meaning to test theories.

You can use annotations to jot down thoughts, create memos to capture detailed observations or use links to ‘glue’ items with similar themes together. NVivo lets you display connections, ideas and findings using a range of visualization tools such as charts, maps and models. Your conclusions, query results, models and charts can all be exported into reports and presentations.


  • Pre-installed on student University PCs
  • Install using the Program Installer for staff University PCs running Windows 7
  • Install using the Software Center for staff University PCs running Windows 10
  • Available for home use. Check the terms and conditions before you download.

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License Details

Version: 11.2.1
Version (Windows 10): 12.4.0
Supplier: QSR International Pty Ltd.
Licence: University licence
Last updated: 11/09/2019

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