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MLwiN is a program for fitting multilevel models.

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Multilevel modelling has been established as an appropriate tool for modelling data with complex hierarchical structures.

MLwiN allows models to be fitted to data with extremely complex structures. Some of the features of MLwiN include:

  • Names window (where you can see all the variables)
  • Equations window (showing what model has been fitted and the parameter estimates).
  • Variance function window (to calculate the residual variance at any level)
  • Predictions window (to calculate predicted values for each individual in the dataset, specifying what should be included in the prediction)
  • Graphs (allow you to set up, fit and manipulate models).


  • Install using the Software Center for University PCs running Windows 10.

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License Details

Version: 2.30

Version (Windows 10): 3.01

Supplier: University of Bristol

Licence: University licence

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