Programs on University staff laptops

If you have a University staff laptop you should check to make sure that your programs will work off-campus.

On campus

If you are on campus and your laptop is in it's docking station or connected to wifi you should be able to install and use any program listed in the program pages.


Unfortunately not all programs are available off-campus, which relates to how the program is installed or the licence terms set out by the supplier. If you need to know whether a program will work off-campus contact the IT Service desk.

Pre-Installed programs

All pre-installed programs will work on your laptop in the way they work on campus.

Programs installed from the Program Installer

If you installed a program from the Program Installer, there are two different types of program; those installed on your PC, and those installed on your University IT account, which behave differently off-campus.

You can tell how a program is installed by following these steps:

  1. Open the Program Installer
  2. Choose the program you want to check
  3. View the Installation Type on the bottom right hand corner
    Install on this PC
    Install on this PC
    Install on my University IT account
    Install on my University IT account



Program behaviour

This is the expected behaviour of each of the two types of program:
  1. Install on this PC - If the program was installed locally on the PC it should work the same as on campus, provided it does not need a licence server
  2. Install on my University IT account – you should open and use the program on campus before you work off-campus
    • As you use features in these programs the relevant parts of the program are downloaded (cached) to your laptop
    • To ensure all the functions of a program are available to you off-campus you should attempt to use the features you might need to use off-campus before you leave
    • For some ‘small’ programs e.g. Putty or Notepad++ the program is fully downloaded when you open on campus and will be available straight away off-campus
    • Larger programs such as SAP and SPSS won't work fully off-campus unless you've used them fully on campus

Programs that will not work off-campus

The following programs will not work on a University staff laptop when working off-campus:

*Alternative options

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