Problem Steps Recorder

The problem steps recorder can be used to capture the problems you may experience on your computer. When your record your problem screenshots will be created to show others the problem you are having.

When to use the Problem Steps Recorder

If you are having a problem please ring the IT Service Desk, they will be able to connect to your PC directly if necessary and see the problem occurring.  When it is not possible to contact the IT Service Desk e.g. out of hours, working off campus, Problem Steps Recorder will allow you to capture a record of the problems which can be emailed to the IT Service Desk.

Using the problem steps recorder

Problem Steps Recorder
  1. Select Start > All Programs > Problem Steps Recorder.
  2. Click Start Record from the menu that appears.
  3. Begin to go through the steps on your computer to reproduce the problem. It will record every time you click.
  4. To pause your recording click the pause button at any time. 
  5. Click stop record to stop recording.
  6. A Save As menu will appear. Choose a location to save your file and give your file a name. It will save as a zip file (compressed file).
  7. To view your recording open the zip folder and double click the file inside.
  8. A web browser window will appear with the screenshots you have recorded.

To send problem steps in email

Problems steps - email

After recording and saving your problem you can send the file via email. 

  1. Ensure you have Outlook open
  2. Click the help down arrow on the Problem Steps Recorder menu and click Send to email recipient
  3. This will open an email message with your latest recorded file attached as a file.

Adding your comments to problem steps

Problem steps-comment

When recording your steps anything you type will not be recorded. If what you type is an important part of recreating the problem you are having, you can add a comment to highlight this.

  1. Click add a comment from the problem steps recorder menu.
  2. Use your mouse to drag and highlight the problem area (a red highlight will appear).
  3. Add a comment in the box that appears.
  4. Press Ok.

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