You need to publish your presentation so that other people can watch it. You can publish to Adobe Connect, Flash or a PDF file.

See the Quick Guide for instructions on how to publish from Adobe Presenter.

Publishing method
When to use
Adobe Connect
If you need a web link, for example to use your presentation on a website.

Presentations are theoretically visible to anyone in the world, if they know or can guess the web link.
This is the most common method to use if you want to add your presentation to Blackboard.
This option does not currently work at the University.

Adobe Connect

If you publish your presentation to Adobe Connect, this gives you a web link so that you can link to your presentation from a website, document or other location.  Contact the IT Service Desk to request an Adobe Connect account. Video of how to publish to Connect:

publish to adobe connect


If you publish to Flash and create a zip file, you can load this into Blackboard.

Video of how to publish to Flash:
Video of how to upload to Blackboard:
publish from presenter to flash upload a presenter video to BB

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