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DNRGPS and its predecessor were built to transfer data between Garmin handheld GPS receivers and GIS software.

It is an update to the popular DNRGarmin application.

More information

Functionality includes:

  • Uploading/Downloading waypoints, tracks, routes and saving as .gdb, .shp, .txt, etc
  • Calculating shape attributes such as area and perimeter
  • Calculating Circular Error Probability (CEP)
  • Converting points, lines, polygons
  • Image hotlinking
  • Real-time tracking
  • USB connectivity


  • Install using the Software Center for University PCs running Windows 10.
  • Available for home use. Check the terms and conditions before you download.

Help and Training

License Details

Version: 6

Version (Windows 10): 6.1

Supplier: Open Source Software

Licence: Free program

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