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Some University meeting rooms have a Barco ClickShare device installed. ClickShare allows you can share what’s on your laptop or mobile device, on a presentation screen.

Use Barco ClickShare

To use ClickShare in a Meeting room:

  1. Install the Barco ClickShare program from the Software Center
  2. Plug the USB Button into a spare USB port on your laptop
  3. When the Button LED shows Static white (see below), press the middle of the Button to display the content of the laptop's screen on the meeting room display

If this does not work, go to Computer. Click on ClickShare (D:). Then double click on ClickShare_for_Windows.exe

You can stop sharing your screen by pressing the middle of the Button during the meeting. Press the Button again to start  sharing your screen.

Button LED explanation

White blinking The Button is plugged into the laptop and initialising or waiting for the user to start the ClickShare application.
Static white ClickShare is ready to start sharing your screen
Static red You are sharing your screen with the display
Red blinking An error occurred. Unplug the USB Button and plug it in again

Off (no light)

  • The Button is not or not properly inserted into the USB port. Try reinserting the USB Button into the laptop again
  • The USB port or computer might be defective. Try inserting the USB Button into a different USB port
  • The Button might be defective. If there is another Button in the room, try using this Button instead


  • Install using the Software Center for University PCs running Windows 10.

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