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AZTEC is a Thermoelectric Module (TEM) Simulation program that will select the optimal TEM(s) for trial from a given set of input variables based on application attributes.

More information

The TEM Selection Tool uses input variables, such as heat load, ambient and input voltage requirement to recommend an ideal TEM(s) needed to reach an application’s operating condition. The program also contains an analysis worksheet, which simulates how the TEM(s) will function under a specific set of operating conditions.


  • Install using the Program installer for University PCs running Windows 7.
  • Install using the Software Center for University PCs running Windows 10.
  • Available for home use. Check the terms and conditions before you download.

License Details

Version: 4.0

Version (Windows 10): 4.0h

Supplier: Laird Technologies, Inc.

License: Free



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