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Antioch is an add-on to Microsoft Word for Windows which allows the typing of Unicode classical Greek and Hebrew with points. It includes converters and other utilities.

More information

Antioch is a utility which allows you to type classical Greek and Hebrew in Word. It includes fully programmable Greek and Hebrew keyboards, a uniquely simple and flexible system for handling diacritics and vowel points, an elegant font with all necessary characters, and converters for documents in many other formats.

Antioch 3 is the first version of Antioch made specifically for the ‘ribbon’ versions of Word, 2007, 2010 and 2013.


  • Pre-installed on student University PCs.
  • Install using the Software Center for staff University PCs running Windows 10.

License Details

Version: 3.03

Version (Windows 10): 3.05

Supplier: Hancock

Licence: University license

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