Order and replace toners and parts

When toners and parts need replacing another one will be sent automatically to your Superuser. The only exceptions are staples and paper, where your superuser will need to contact the IT Service Desk. Paper for use in the Smart Printers is provided by IT Services but is not monitored by the printer.

After they have arrived, anyone in the department can change the toner or replace the staples. You don't need to keep the delivery notes.

When other parts arrive your Superuser will need to contact the IT Service Desk to ask for them to be installed. (We are working with the supplier to investigate automating this process).

(HP originals)
Cost included in contractOrdered
Contact IT Service Desk for installation
Toner Yes Yes No
Staples Yes No No
Drum Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance kits Yes Yes Yes
Transfer kits Yes Yes Yes
Fuser kits Yes Yes Yes

    High volume printing expected

    If you are aware that a particular event e.g. the student exam period is going to result in your Smart Printer being used at a far higher volume than usual, ask your superuser to contact the IT Service Desk so that additional toners can be ordered.

    Replace the toner

    1. Open the front door or press the button beneath the touchscreen
    2. Remove the old toner
    3. Follow the instructions provided with the new toner or on the touchscreen
    4. Close the door
    5. The touchscreen should display Ready

    You should send your used toner cartridges to the Student's Union for recycling.

      Add or remove staples

      If you have a yellow warning triangle on the touchscreen, tap it to see where the staples are located.

      1. If you have a collator/stacker open a door at the front. If you have a convenience stapler open the flap at the side
      2. Remove the staple cartridge
      3. Insert a new staple cartridge
      4. Close the door or flap

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