Maintain your Smart Printer

Fix a paper jam

  • Follow the instructions on the touchscreen Ÿ
  • While the Smart Printer is in use do not open the paper tray, this will cause a paper jam
  • Take care not to overfill the paper tray as this is the main cause of paper jams

Clean the Smart Printer

If you are experiencing a low quality in your copied or scanned document then wipe the glass screen and the document feeder with a damp cloth. You should clean the touchscreen with standard screen wipes similar to those used for monitors and phones.

More information can be found in the Smart Printer manual.

Power management

Leave your Smart Printer switched on at night to allow software updates and to continually monitor toner and meter readings, printer issues and faults.

If you turn your printer off it may cause problems.

Your Smart Printer will:

  • change to a low power sleep state if it’s not used for 45 - 60 minutes.
  • change to a secondary sleep mode between 7.30pm and 7.30am (if it’s not being used). This will use minimal power.

You can wake up your printer at any time, even if it’s in low power or secondary sleep mode but will take a short time to wake up.

You may be prompted to turn the Smart Printer off and on again to resolve a problem. Leave the Smart Printer off for at least five minutes to enable it to reset itself. Your Smart Printer will take about 3 - 4 minutes to start up if you need to switch it off.

Environmental concerns

IT Services will monitor the times when the Smart Printers are used. When enough information has been collected, decisions can be made about the best power settings to apply to all printers.

We recognise the environmental and financial impact of leaving devices on and will manage the power appropriately.

Relocate a Smart Printer

If you need to move your Smart Printer you must contact the IT Service Desk who will arrange for our supplier, DTP to relocate it for you. If a Smart Printer which hasn’t been moved by DTP is damaged, the University of Leicester will be liable for the cost of repairing or replacing it.

    Report a problem

    • If you need toner, paper or staples contact your department Superuser in the first instance
    • For all other problems or if your Superuser isn’t available contact the IT Service Desk on 0116 252 2253 or email
    • You will need to quote the last 4 digits of the Asset Number found on a label attached to your Smart Printer

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