Get started with your Smart Printer

Choose a print type

When staff select Print your default printer will be chosen. You can choose a different print type. If you have access to a colour Smart Printer you can select a colour print type.

Print typePrint to…             Uses
Black and white single sided Black1sided on
For letterheads, certificates, SAP Purchase Orders
Black and white double sided Black2sided on
Default (most cost effective)
Colour single sided Colour1sided on
For letterheads, certificates
Colour double sided

Colour2sided on

For standard colour printing

You will need to login to a Smart Printer to release your printing.

You will only be able to print documents sent to a colour print type from a colour Smart Printer.

Account balance for Staff and Postgraduate Researchers

The print balance for staff Staff is for information and awareness purposes only as the University is aiming to ‘print smarter’ and reduce our carbon footprint.

Staff won’t be personally charged for your printing, copying and scanning but your print account will be debited every time you use the smart printer. The total balance will be shown on screen whilst you are logged into a smart printer.

This information is to make staff aware of the overall cost of your printing. This is not how much we pay the supplier but includes all costs to the University to produce your printing.

Printing will be monitored across the University so that information can be used to help decide where Smart Printers should be placed and which type would be most suitable.

Set your default printer

Staff should have Black2sided on staff-printer as their default printer.  If your default is different you can change it.

  1. Click Start
  2. Type Devices and Printers into the Search box
  3. Choose Devices and Printers from the search results
  4. Select Black2sided on staff-printer
  5. Choose File > Set as Default Printer

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