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Portrait page copies as landscape

Your Smart Printer should recognise the orientation of the page you are copying (portrait or landscape) and print it in the same orientation.

Sometimes when you use the sheet feeder the page is copied with the wrong orientation.

On the top of the sheet feeder there are two sensors. If these aren’t pressed down, the orientation can be misinterpreted.

  • Make sure the guides are adjusted correctly
  • Allow the original document to lie flat - don’t lift the edge of the paper as you feed your document in
  • Make sure that the paper is heavy and flat enough to press the sensor down
  • Try feeding the paper in from the other direction (e.g. short edge first)

Printing has been released but nothing prints out

The Smart Printer may be paused.

  1. Tap the pause option  OR press the pause button
  2. In the Job Status screen choose Resume or Resume all

Error message displayed on a Smart Printer

You may be prompted to turn the Smart Printer off and on again to resolve a problem. Leave the Smart Printer off for at least five minutes to enable it to reset itself. Your Smart Printer will take about 3 - 4 minutes to start up if you need to switch it off.

Clean the Smart Printer

If you are experiencing a low quality in your copied or scanned document then wipe the glass screen and the document feeder with a damp cloth. You should clean the touchscreen with standard screen wipes similar to those used for monitors and phones.

More information can be found in the Smart Printer manual.


If your Smart Printer warns you that the staples have expired. Remove the staples and put them back in again. If the message still appears, ask your superuser to order more staples.


If you are still having problems ask your superuser to contact the  IT Service Desk and confirm that you have tried the steps above.



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