Attach your document to an email

Emails sent with text will also be available to print from a Smart Printer, in addition to any attachments. If you send a blank email with an attachment, only the attachment will be available to print.

  1. Create a new email and attach the document you want to print
  2. Send the email to one of the four addresses based on how you'd like your document to print out:

From a non-University email address

1. The first time you send an email from a personal email account, you will be sent a reply asking to register your email address

2. Click on the link to register and login using your University IT account details

3. Your personal email address will then be registered and the documents you have sent will be processed

Your document is now ready to collect from a Smart Printer within 12 hours. If you need to change your print settings before collecting it, you can do this by visiting the Mobile Print website, selecting your document and changing the Print options.

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