Basic features for copy and scan

After you have chosen Copy or Scan you will need to log in to the Smart Printer. The touchscreen will then show you some optional settings.

These will vary depending on the features the Smart Printer has and whether you are copying or scanning.

If you can’t see the option you want tap More Options. There are up to 3 pages of options so you may need to tap More Options again.

Common features




Indicate whether the original document is printed on one or both sides, and whether the copies should be printed on one or both sides. All

Colour or black and white

Select to copy in colour or black and white.

Colour printers only
Reduce/ Enlarge

Reduce or enlarge

Scale from 25% to 200% when using the document feeder or between 25% and 400% when copying from the scanner glass.

Paper Selection

Paper selection

Select the tray that holds the size and type of paper that you want to use.

Mostly used on A3 Smart Printers
Content Orientation

Content orientation

Specify the way the content of the original page is placed on the page: portrait or landscape.

Original Size

Original size

Describe the page size of the original document.

Mostly used on A3 Smart Printers


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