Use AirPrint to print a document

AirPrint can be used to print documents from your iPhone, iPad or Mac whilst connected to eduroam wifi on campus. You can then print document using a Smart Printer.

Following the recent upgrade you may have an issue where you are unable to see the print types

iPhone or iPad

  1. Ensure your Apple Device is connected to eduroam wifi
  2. Open the item that you would like to print
    AirPrint web page image 1
  3. Using the Share icon in the upper right hand corner, tap on the Print icon
    AirPrint web page image 2
  4. Select the print type you require e.g. Black2Sided. The print types are the same as you use on a University PC
    AirPrint web page image 3
  5. Enter your University IT account username and password
    AirPrint web page image 4
  6. View the preview of your document and check that the printer options are correct. Tap on the Print button (top-right) to send the document to print.
    AirPrint web page image 5
  7. Login to a Smart Printer as usual to print your document.

Mac devices

  1. From any Mac application which allows printing, click on File, then Print from the top menu bar
    AirPrint web page image Mac 1
  2. Select Printer type, then click Print
    AirPrint web page image Mac 2
  3. For 2 sided printing, select the 2sided printer type, then also select Presets then Last Used Settings. You can then tick Two-sided so that it remembers this for all future printing to the 2-sided print queues.
  4. You will need to login using your University username and password
    AirPrint web page image 3

What else do I need to know?

  • The maximum size of documents that can be printed using AirPrint is 50MB. Most documents will not exceed this size.
  • Staff and students can print using AirPrint anywhere on campus where you can access eduroam wifi provided by the University.
  • You must be connected to eduroam wifi to use AirPrint. It will not work on a mobile data connection.

Known issues

Apple's built-in PDF viewer only allows basic functionality and may not give you accurate access to the following:

  • Render annotations (sticky notes, highlight, freehand drawing, handwritten signatures, etc.)
  • Filled form data
  • Some pages may appear blank or empty
  • When printing double-sided PDF files the page is not flipped correctly

However, annotations and form data are not lost despite these limitations.

To ensure that double-sided PDFs print correctly, follow these instructions:

Opening a PDF file in Acrobat Reader

  1. Press and hold the PDF attachment iconAirPrint PDF attachment icon 1
  2. Tap the Acrobat icon in the popover that appears:
    AirPrint PDF attachment icon 2
  3. Print the PDF file using the Adobe Acrobat app

Unable to see print types when using iPhone or iPad

If you have recently changed your password, you may not be able to see all the print types (printers) when using AirPrint. This is because your device has remembered your password. You will then need to forget your username and password to use AirPrint:

  1. From step 4 of the iPhone or iPad instructions. Tap the (i) next to the print type
    Click on i
  2. Tap Forgot Username and Password, then tap printer
    Choose Forgot Username and Password
  3. Enter your University IT account username and password again as per step 5 of the iPhone or iPad instructions

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