Advanced features for print, copy and scan

Listed below are the advanced features you can use with your Smart Printer.

OptionScreenshotWhat does it do?

Staple or collate

Set up options for stapling and assembling the pages in sets of copies.

Smart printers with Stapler/Collator unit only
Collate Collate
Set up options for assembling the pages in sets of copies. Smart printers without Stapler/Collator unit
Image Adjustment

image adjustment

Improve the overall quality of the copy. For example, you can adjust the darkness and sharpness, and you can use  the Background Cleanup setting to remove faint images from the background or to remove a light background colour.

Output Bin Output bin Select an output bin for the copies. Use straightest path when printing labels or acetates. Smart printers without Stapler/Collator unit
Optimize Text/Picture

Optimize text or picture

Optimize the output for a particular type of content. You can optimize the output for text or printed pictures, or you can manually adjust the values.

Pages per Sheet

pages per sheet

Copy multiple pages onto one sheet of paper.

Booklet Format

Booklet format

Use this feature to copy two or more pages onto one sheet of paper so you can fold the sheets in the centre to form a booklet.


Edge to edge

Avoid shadows that can appear along the edges of copies when the original document is printed close to the edges. Combine this feature with the Reduce/Enlarge feature to ensure that the entire page is printed on the copies.

Job Build

Job build

Combine several sets of original documents into one copy job. Also use this feature to copy an original document that has more pages than the document feeder can accommodate at one time.


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