You can login to a Smart Printer using your University ID card or the touchscreen keyboard

ID card chi

Login with your ID card

  • Touch your University ID card to the sensor until you hear a beep, the light will turn green

Depending which type of Smart Printer you are using you will either:

  • see the message Authenticating please wait...


  • after a short pause your screen will change from Sign in | Ready to
    Sign out | Welcome your username e.g. Welcome abc1

If your University ID card doesn’t work you’ll still be able to login using the touchscreen keyboard. Tap any button to login. Enter your University IT account username and password.

Location of card readers

If your Smart Printer has a built-in touchscreen the card reader will be attached to the top or front of the Smart Printer.

Chi card reader

If your Smart Printer has a mounted (moveable) touchscreen the card reader will be been installed to the left of it.

Futuresmart card reader

Problems with your ID card

If your ID card doesn't work, or works intermittently, you can get a replacement card on campus. Where you get this will depend on whether you are staff or a student:

Staff Security Lodge
Students Student Support Zone (Fielding Johnson Ground Floor)

If you experience problems with your card after it's been replaced, contact the IT Service Desk on 2253.

Login using the touch screen keyboard

  • Enter your University IT account username and password

Capital letters and symbols

You will see either an upper arrow key Uppercase arrow or a Shift key on your screen. Use this to access capital letters and symbols.

  • If you use the upper arrow key Uppercase arrow, the keyboard will change back to lower case once you’ve typed a letter
  • If you use the Shift key, this will apply caps lock until you press Shift a second time to set it back to lower case

Automatic logout

You will be automatically logged out from the Smart Printer after 60 seconds if there is no activity on the touchscreen. To stay logged in for longer tap the More option within 60 seconds.

More options

Automatic logout keeps the service secure for other users and prevents students being charged for someone else’s copying if they forget to log out.


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