Members and Owners

There are currently two roles within a Team Collaboration Space; Members and Owners.


A Member can create files and contribute to conversations within the Teams area of a Collaboration Space. However they cannot:

  • Directly share a file outside of the Collaboration space - Owners can do that for them
  • Add other members. Instead members can invite others, which will require an Owner to approve them to join


An Owner manages the membership of the Collaboration Space. They will approve who can join and when it is necessary to remove members. They can share files outside of the team to anyone with a University IT account.

An Owner can use all the same features as a Member, in addition to their ability to manage the Team.

Responsibilities of an Owner

There can be ten Owners for each Collaboration Space, so it should be possible to share the administration of a Team Collaboration Space.

However collectively the Owners of a Team Collaboration Space are responsible for the information stored and those who have access to it.

As an Owner you will need to:

  • Manage the membership of the Team Collaboration Space, including:
    • Review the ongoing membership, removing members when they no longer need access
  • Manage sharing with people who are not members of a Team Collaboration Space
  • Responsible for security of files within the Team Collaboration Space
    • Ensure the data stored within Team Collaboration Space matches the University data classification
    • Ensuring the Team Collaboration Space remains set to Private
  • Respond to security reports See What security reports might I receive as an Owner?
  • Annual renewal – If you have requested a Team Collaboration Space for more than a year, one Owner will need to confirm they still need the Team Collaboration Space. This can be renewed for up to a year
  • Nominate another owner. Your Team Collaboration Space should have between two and ten Owners. If you become the only Owner, you will need to promote one or more Members of the Team Collaboration Space to become an Owner. At that point, you will need to brief them on the Responsibilities of an Owner, as laid out here.

What security reports might I receive as an Owner?

You may receive a security report by email in the following circumstances:

  • If a student is added as a member to a Team Collaboration Space, which has been requested for staff and PGRs only
  • If the University data classification changes
  • If you become the only Owner, following another Owner leaving the Team Collaboration Space
  • If the Team Collaboration Space is set to Public. At the point of sending the email the Team Collaboration Space, will be set back to Private. However this email makes you aware that this setting was changed.

Other security reports may be added as required.

It is important that you act on these reports, to ensure the security of the data stored within your Team Collaboration Space.

All Owners will continue to receive security report emails until the security issue is resolved. If more than three reports are sent, the data is at risk and we are unable to contact an Owner directly, it may be necessary to disable the Team Collaboration Space.

The Team will then be inaccessible to all Members and Owners until the security issue is resolved. Contact the IT Service Desk for help to resolve this.

Customise and manage your Team Collaboration Space

As an Owner you can change a number of settings including:

  • Set the name and description of the Team Collaboration Space
  • Add and remove Members and Owners
  • Control what Members can do within a Team Collaboration Space

Add members

If you're an Owner, go to your teams list, click More options button next to the team name, then click Add members. Another option is to click Manage team, and add people in the Members tab.

To make these changes you will need to edit the Team:

  1. In Teams, right click on for a Team where you are an Owner
  2. Click on Edit team

You can also set team members' permissions for channels and tabs, which is found in Manage team

  1. In Teams, right click on for a Team where you are an Owner
  2. Click on Manage team

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