Hold an online meeting using the Teams App

All staff and students have access to the Teams app and are able to participate or schedule meetings. You do not need to have a Team Collaboration Space. You just need to open the Teams app.

You can also schedule a meeting with someone who doesn’t work at the University. They do not need to have installed Teams or have Office 365, they just need an email address.

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Important things to note

  • You don’t need to request a Team Collaboration Space to hold meetings just the Teams App
  • It is recommended you use the Chat feature within the Teams App rather than Skype for Business which is due to be retired
  • If you use a University staff laptop, disconnect from the University Remote Access (VPN) when holding a Teams meeting, as this may affect the overall performance for all staff who use VPN

Resolve issues

'New Teams meeting' not appearing in Outlook desktop Calendar

Solution 1

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Open the Microsoft Teams desktop app (if not installed, download from teams.microsoft.com/downloads)
  3. Quit the Teams desktop app - Go to the System tray (bottom right). Right click on Teams, choose Quit
  4. Open Outlook. the New Teams meeting should now appear in your Outlook desktop Calendar

Solution 2

  1. Connect to VPN
  2. Open the Software Center
  3. Locate and click onto the Teams App
  4. Click the Repair button

You can also use Calendar feature of the Teams App to schedule meetings in your calendar and invite others.

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