Request a Team Collaboration Space

A Team Collaboration Space can be requested by any member of staff or postgraduate researcher (PGR).

Who can’t request or be an Owner of a Team Collaboration Space?

  • It is not possible to request, be an Member or Owner of a Team Collaboration Space with a Privileged, Departmental, Test University IT account
  • Students can be invited join a Team Collaboration Space, but they cannot currently request or become an Owner of Team Collaboration Space

How to request a Team Collaboration Space

You can complete a form in IT Self Service to request a Team Collaboration Space:

You will need to provide the following information:


The display name of the Team. You will see this in the list of Team Collaboration Spaces in Office 365.

You should avoid using special characters such as \, .,-_


A brief description of who and how you will use your Team Collaboration Space, so that anyone in the University can understand what it will be used for.

You should avoid using special characters such as / .,-_


How you will use the Team Collaboration Space e.g. Project, Research or Team

Who will use the collaboration space?

This will help to identify if students are accidentally added to a Team Collaboration Space

Options: Staff and PGRs only | Staff, PGRs and Students

University Data classification

Only certain types of data can be stored using Office 365. Use the University Data classification decision tree to classify the data you will be storing using the Team Collaboration Space.

Options: Public, Unrestricted, Restricted, Highly Restricted

How long will you need the Team Collaboration Space?

This will aid you with complying the University’s records management process.

If you need the Collaboration Space for more than one year, an annual review is required.

Options: 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, More than 1 year

Owner 1

The University IT account username of the Team owner

Owner 2

The University IT account username of an additional owner. This can’t be the same person as Owner 1

How will I know when my Team Collaboration Space has been created?

It may take up to an hour for your Team Collaboration Space to be created and you to be given access to all parts of your Team, following the IT Service Desk processing your request.

When your Team Collaboration Space has been created both of the Owners will receive a confirmation email, which will provide guidance on what to do next. Additionally your IT Self Service request will be closed and you will receive a notification email.

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