What is a Team Collaboration Space?

A Team Collaboration Space enables you to communicate and collaborate with people across the University or within your department. It is based on a Microsoft Team which is part of Office 365.

What is a Microsoft Team?

Microsoft Teams allows you to work more effectively as a team, it offers a convenient way to share files with your colleagues and hold conversations about current progress. You can organise your conversations and files into different topics areas called Channels.

By combining the best of Skype for Business, Outlook and OneDrive it enables team collaboration by using:

  • Conversations to encourage chat within a Team, rather than email
  • Files to store your work and share within the Team
  • Channels to organise your Conversations and Files, tasks and other tools
  • Microsoft Teams app to access your work on any device

Watch this video to explore the features of Microsoft Teams:

What do I need to know?

Who can be part of a Team?

You can invite anyone who has a University IT account. However:

  • You will not be able to invite people outside of the University or share documents with them.  This feature may be introduced at a later date. You can request an External IT account if you need to collaborate with colleagues who are not on the University staff payroll.
  • Privileged, departmental and test University IT accounts are not permitted to become Members or Owners of Team Collaboration Space
  • Students can be invited join a Team Collaboration Space, but they cannot currently request or become an owner of Team Collaboration Space

Teaching and Learning

  • Whilst you can add students as Members of a Team, your Team Collaboration Spaces is not intended to replace Blackboard or other teaching facilities.

Data security

  • You should not sync files to a personal (Non-University owned) PC, Mac or laptop using the OneDrive Sync client as outlined in the University information security policies
  • However you can install the Office mobile apps on your mobile device or tablet or University PC

Data classification

There are some types of data you should not store using Office 365:

  • See the University Data classification information. You should classify your data using the decision tree
  • If your data is  Highly Restricted you must not store the data in a Team Collaboration Space. Contact Information Assurance Services for advice on how to store your data
  • For researchers, it is important that you review the terms and conditions that you may have signed for how you store your research data and ensure you continue to comply with them

Private Teams

  • You can only create Private Team Collaboration Space. You will need to be a Member or Owner of a Team to participate.
  • If you need to communicate and collaborate with other people across the University, you may want to consider using Yammer.

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