Presence (your availability)

Presence can allow colleagues to identify the right time to communicate and what type of communication is the most appropriate.

When you are logged into Skype for Business staff and students who use Skype for Business can see whether you are available or busy. Skype for Business is integrated with Outlook and will use your calendar appointments to determine your presence. You can also set your presence manually. If you are not logged into Skype for Business your presence will show as Offline.

You remain in control of your availability. When you set your presence to Do not disturb, you can't be contacted by colleagues you haven't added to your workgroup.

Set your presence status

How is presence updated?

When you are logged into Skype for Business, your presence will automatically update using your calendar appointments to show whether you are busy or available. You can also override the setting by choosing: Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb etc.

Presence is updated from Calendar about every 30 minutes so if you change, delete or add a meeting shortly before it is about to begin or after the start time, it won’t update immediately.

If you are logged in but your computer has been idle for 5 minutes, your presence shows as Inactive then Away (# mins). You can change this setting in the Skype for Business options. If you lock your PC your presence shows as Away.

If you are not logged into your PC or have closed Skype for Business your presence shows as Offline.


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